About B.Ebba & Co

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Created to bridge the gap between young, contemporary, and overly-trendy fashion and the "still hanging on to fashion from 10 years ago" style, B. Ebba & Co is the place to find looks that are classy and sophisticated with the perfect touch of trendy.

After realizing that other women were just as frustrated as I was with online shopping, I started B. Ebba & Co.  My goal was to create a brand that would welcome women of all backgrounds, body types, who are in or approaching their 40's and to provide them with a joyful and stress-free online shopping experience. A brand that offered collections of high-quality, boutique-style trendy clothes that still maintain class and sophistication, creating looks that are stylish, on-trend, fashionably comfortableyet practical enough to suit our busy lives.

The name "B. Ebba & Co" originates from a nickname given to our 3rd child. We quickly adapted to calling her "Baby Ella" when her given name "Daniella" proved too difficult for our son, then 2years old, to pronounce. In his toddler-speak, the name came out "B Ebba". When starting a boutique moved from being a dream to a reality, it wasn't hard to decide on a name. 

When you support B. Ebba & Co, you support our family, and we thank you for your support.

 Meet the Family...My husband, Scott, children Liam, Reed, & Daniella, & our dog Kooper.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We can't wait to return the favor.


Owner & Founder of B. Ebba & Co